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  • Focus on the production and promotion of triethyl phosphate,
    flame retardants, triaryl phosphate, cork rubber sheet and other products


    RevitalizeTo build chemical rubber products brand



    The company has comprehensive supporting the production and research and development base and marketing center, product and service step in place; company's products include triethyl phosphate, flame retardants, triaryl phosphate, cork rubber sheet. More than ten categories, hundreds of models of products, according to customer demand for private custom, better meet your needs
  • Professional R & D team, advanced production equipment


    The first to spend huge sums of money to introduce a leading international level of German technology and production equipment.
  • Quality certification, quality assurance


    The main raw materials are purchased at home and abroad brand quality suppliers to protect product quality, each batch of products after several quality inspection, must pass SGS, TUV, BV and other third-party testing organizations to test, quality assurance in line with national quality certification and environmental certification
  • Improve the service system, the price is more affordable


    The company's main members are 80,90 after the formation of the elite team, warm, energetic and dedicated service for you, and you seek common development and work together win-win situation. Free samples, free technical support; strong after-sales team, to provide customers with nanny-style after-sales service. 7 * 24 hours fast response, in time for you to solve all problems
  • Triethyl phosphate

    Triethyl phosphate, also known as flame retardant TEP, the molecular formula is C6H15O4P, molecular weight 182.1547, CAS registration number 78-40-0. Colorless and easy to flow liquid, microstrip fruit flavor. The product is a high boiling solvent, rubber and plastic plasticizer. Also the catalyst. Also used as a raw material for pesticide pesticides.
  • Flame Retardant (TCEP)

    Pure trichloroethyl phosphate is a colorless or pale yellow oily transparent liquid with a light creamy taste. Refractive index(n20D)1.4731,Boiling point of 225 ° C, a flash point of 225 ° C, a freezing point of -64 ° C, a decomposition temperature of 240-280 ° C, a viscosity of 38-47 centipoise (20 ° C), ..
  • Triisopropylphenyl phosphate

    Triisopropylphenyl phosphate, also known as triaryl phosphate, English called Tri (4-isopropylphenyl) phosphate, CAS Registry No. 26967-76-0, molecular formula is C9H11O4P, molecular weight of 214.1561, widely used in polyvinyl chloride Flame retardant plasticizer, especially for rubber conveyor belt flame retardant plasticizer can also be used for chloroprene rubber.